An Exclusive Interview with Producer Anamaria Von Viti Obilaska

by Miranda Montreaux

‘LUXURY ART WORLDWIDE’ Magazine, © 2014


Anamaria Von Viti Obilaska is a woman on fire.  Philanthropist, charity committee member, creative artist, theatrical producer and wife of legendary financier Lonny Von Viti (14th richest man in the world at time of press), this raven-haired beauty can now add ‘graphic designer’ to her impressive CV. 

We begin by talking logos.  The fruits of her labour are evident in the uber-slick graphics for her theatrical company A&B Productions; A for Anamaria and B for Brian Lefaye, the recently bankrupted theatre director whom Anamaria describes as her “soul collaborator”.

Developing the logo for A&B was, in her words, “A roller-coaster of creation” she drew on many personal references and memories to create the look that felt exactly right for her. “I’m so proud of the result and I can’t wait to finally share it, it’s like enough waiting already! I’m such a ‘bam bam bam’ person you know?” Her girlish laughter comes easily, her child-like wonder is contagious.  The logo represents her passion for the visual world but specifically “Things that are black and white, there are so many of them around us in everyday life”.

Earlier this year Anamaria had an epiphany. She cleverly observed that most of her favourite fashion brands harnessed the use of black letters on a white background.  As she says, “And the crazy thing is, it’s not just in fashion, in literature too. Words are always black and the background is always white”. But Anamaria isn’t one to settle with second best. She continues, “I knew our logo needed to represent creativity and authenticity, so I had to dig deep into my comfort zone”. Her huge brown-black eyes widen as she recounts calling the graphic designers to tell them to use white letters instead of more obvious black.

 And it’s this kind of confidence, coupled with indomitable thirst for creation that led to the formation of her company A&B Productions with Brian Lefaye, that marks a new chapter in the life of Anamaria Von Viti Obilaska.  And next month sees her most ambitious project to date, and the reason for our interview. Because in October, Anamaria and Brian will attempt a ground-breaking theatrical project at the new Hoxton, Holborn hotel.  They will create a play, from scratch, in one day.

 Sprawled out on a huge soft cream sofa opposite me with her endless legs tucked impressively under her frame, Anamaria is magnetic company, something her public image so often fails to portray.

MM:  Tell us a bit about the idea behind your new company A&B Productions.

AVVO: So Brian and I wanted to do something artistic together, but we didn’t know what that was, so in many senses our company represents our future, anything can happen!  But looking back I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved, we’ve worked so hard for this moment.  After the logo’s launch I was literally on my knees with exhaustion but I wouldn’t have it any other way!  

MM:  Why Brian Lefaye?

AVVO:   Are you kidding?!  I’ve always been such a ginormous number one fan of Brian. My dear friend Masha Malini-Yvytrotolov took me to one of Brian’s shows a while back, I can’t recall which one, and I was like, “I have to collaborate with this guy! He’s so psychological!”

MM:    Are you happy right now?

AVVO:   I’m in such a great place right now, I’m filming for my fly-on-the-wall documentary, ‘I Heart Creation’ and I’ve also curated my own art exhibition of photography taken from my Instagram feed called ‘Share’.

MM:    What can you share about ‘Share’?

AVVO:   Recently I’ve become interested in experimenting with filters on Instagram and it got to the point where so many people were like, ‘liking’ what I was doing, Masha even left me this comment “So beautiful smiley face” and that’s when I realised the universe was trying to tell me something!

MM:  How do you manage to juggle all your work demands with new projects like your logo design?

AVVO:  Oh my gosh, I know right? But I go nuts-crazy-crazy without things to do in my life. My friends are like “Anamaria, like come to lunch already!” and I’m like “Er Hello? Like work already?!”

MM:  When did you discover you were creative?

AVVO: I knew since I was one years old.  I was such a studious little girl, beyond innocent! All I wanted to do was like read, read, read.  I spoke fourteen languages by the time I was four.  My Russian Grandmother took me aside on my eighteenth birthday and said “Anamarushka, shut your books already! Go see the world!” And then I met Lonny, so in life everything is connected right?!

MM: With only 13 people with more wealth than you in the world, you and Lonny are likely to be the richest couple in any room you’re in.  Are you aware of this?

AVVO:  Oh God like seriously not at all!  So many people are rich nowadays anyways.  One day we’ll give it away to charity you know because honestly, some weeks I’m like God, like, ugh you know?! Lonny and I can’t stay in this country for longer than God knows how many days, so I’m basically a refugee, it’s so unjust! But I like to think I put back into the world by sharing my creative work.  I’m so excited to share, share, share! I’m like, get me to that theatre now!!!



© Miranda Montreaux 2014