A&B Productions is the union of Creative Producer and Artistic Curator, (the ‘A’) Anamaria Von Viti Obilaska and Creative Theatrical Director, (the ‘B’) Brian Lefeye.



A&B Productions are attempting the near impossible: In one single day they will write, rehearse and perform an original live play, from scratch!


What else?

Because Anamaria and Brian believe passionately in inclusivity, they warmly invite less privileged members of the general public on a once-in-a- lifetime backstage tour to witness the magic, live, as it happens.


Oh and...

'I Heart Creation', the artistic documentary about Anamaria Von Viti Obilaska's theatrical debut and creative process is currently in production. An exclusive excerpt of this film will be premiered to the ordinary public during the Backstage Tour.



Tonight is also the private view of Anamaria’s exhibition ‘Share’, comprising of original signed photographic pieces inspired by her exclusive Instagram feed. Prices for the works start at 19,000 EURO excl VAT and framing. Please enquire at The Hoxton, Holborn reception for availability.